Frequently Asked Questions

DCBA provides business management consulting and advisory services to small businesses. We look at businesses from two perspectives. One is the jockey, that is, the owner or management of the business. They are the drivers that make the business decisions and take action to ensure it operates smoothly. Secondly, we look at the horse which is the different business functions that should work together in harmony to make the business runs smoothly.

DCBA is located at Hazyview in Mpumalanga Province. However, our operations are not limited by location. We work with clients from various places within the province such as Nelspruit, Barberton, Sabie, Emalahleni, and Ermelo. We also work in other provinces such as Limpopo, Gauteng and North West.

DCBA works with small businesses from a one-man business to those companies that employ lots of people. We target SMMEs as described by the Act that governs the sector. We also work with co-operatives. The key is that they should be profit-driven, want to grow, and run successful businesses.

Funding means a lot of things, such as buying new equipment, stock, servicing a contract, expanding the business infrastructure, or even working capital. Therefore, you will have to be clear on what type of funding you need. Contact us for an appointment with one of our consultants. Contact Us

Customers or the market is the lifeblood that keeps the business alive. There are varied factors as to why the business may struggle to get customers or access the market. For example, it may be the quality of the product or how it is packages or the business is targeting the wrong customer or location.

DCBA has the expertise to assess and diagnose the gaps which will inform the action plans to address the access to the market.

Employees are the first “promoters or customers” of the business. It is very important for the company to have policies that are in line with the Labour Relations Act to inform the relationship between the employer and the employees.

Let DCBA assist you to establish the human resources management policies and procedures that will guide the function of people management.

DCBA’s experience in the SMME space places the company at an advantage to understand the challenges that small businesses. For example, non- compliance on mandatory requirements such as SARS returns and taxes, BEE, CIPC returns, and industry certifications can hinder participation in viable business opportunities. We are well placed to assist any business to comply with the required conditions of their respective sectors.

Our service fees are informed by the type of service the client needs, the scope of work to be covered and the time it will take to deliver on the service. However, the clients who want to work with us continuously have an option to sign a retainer service fee.

We assist clients on an appointment basis. Complete the contact form on the website to secure an appointment with one of our consultants Contact Us